Testimonials & Comments

I hired Lucy to carry out a very special photographic assignment for me. It was very special and specific to me and I couldn't have been more delighted with the outcome. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone.

Janice Hartley - Poole, Dorset, UK

Enjoy all the youth whilst you can....you never regain it. You are level headed and a lovely young lady. You're a very good photographer....keep working at it and you will be top class.

John Lines - Photographer of 20 years, West Sussex, UK

You are a gifted artist.

Randy Douglas - Photographer, Williamsfield, Illinois, USA

I enjoyed your photos, you have a good eye. I think I can learn from a talented photographer like yourself.

Antonio - Photographer, Land O Lakes, Florida, USA

Keep up the great work! You definitely have creativity, talent and a good eye!

Becki Sheets - Photographer, Oklahoma, USA

I've greatly enjoyed seeing your photos and creativity....only just found out how young you are! You'll be making a name for yourself soon if not already.

Patricia Bissell - Photographer, USA

I wish you all the best, I'm sure you will do very well, you are motivated and love what you do so you can't fail. :-)

Jane Webster - Photographer, Oakville, Canada

Try to remember throughout your future successes and achievements never to forget your beginnings, no matter how high you may succeed! I had faith in you in the beginning as I continue to do so now. But more than faith, it's your talent and tenacity to improve and be successful. At your youthful age, you have much going for you. So, at times, it will be a stormy day; however, matters around you are not being flooded!

Herb Aponte - Photographer, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA